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Generate your awesome domain name, based on your idea keywords

You are searching a tool for domain name generator/lean domain search?

Do you usually use NameMesh or namestation on the Web to generate your awesome domain name, from some words in your mind?
Now you move on mobile and want to generate some new domain names using your favorite tools, as convenient as native app.

This small app is exactly what you need: Suggest your awesome domain names.
It is an alternative on mobile world for following websites:
★ Panabee (panabee.com)
★ NameMesh (namemesh.com)
★ Impossibility (impossibility.org)
★ Lean Domain Search (leandomainsearch.com)
★ Wordoids (wordoid.com)
★ Bust A Name (bustaname.com)
★ Business Name Generator (businessnamegenerator.com)
★ Dot-o-mator (dotomator.com)
★ Namestation (namestation.com)
★ Domain Hole (domainhole.com)
★ DomainsBot (domainsbot.com)
★ Nameboy (nameboy.com)
★ Domain Wheel (domainwheel.com)
★ Iwantmyname (iwantmyname.com)
★ Domainr (domainr.com)

Main features:
✔ Suggest domain name, based on your idea keywords
✔ Check availability of suggested domain name, thanks to whois intergrated
✔ Save favorite domain names for later review
✔ Redirect you to many registrar pages so you can buy the domain conveniently. Currently, we support links to GoDaddy and Namecheap.

How to use:

  1. Give us some words about your idea (wildcard *, ? supported). Work best with 2-3 keywords
  2. Hit button Generate
  3. Choose a domain name that you like best from many available suggested one. The app will try to do whois lookup to ensure the domain suggestions for you are available
  4. Go to your favorite registrar (GoDaddy, Namecheap…) and buy it before someone else (maybe) buy it!
    That’s all. Your awesome domain name is waiting for you!

Top Level Domain (TLD)/Extension supported:
And expanding…


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