Facebook messager checking App

Facebook is the greatest and largest social media that we are using regularly. We share there our personal photos, events, memories and our private information. Facebook has billions of users and its a huge open world. So we need to keep safe our private and personal things from public and hackers.

Secret Facebook Tips and Tricks – Messenger Tricks is the app that have complete solutions of all problems you may face on facebook. Also have secret tips and tricks of facebook and messenger. Have some amazing facebook facts that will blow your mind.

Below has given the list of categories…
-Facebook Facts
-Messenger Tips & Tricks
-Make Facebook Profile Private
-Secure Facebook Account from Hackers
-2 Steps Facebook Account Verification
-Prevent Facebook Friends to Tag You in Photo
-Hide Facebook Friend List from Others
-Hide Facebook Status
-Hide Last Seen From Facebook
-Clear Your Search on Facebook
-Block Facebook Games Notification
-Use Facebook Messenger in Google Chrome
-Top Chrome Extensions for Facebook
-Accept or Reject All Facebook Friend Requests at once
-Track last Login of Your Facebook Account
-Track Your Facebook Profile Visitors
-Invite All Friends on Facebook in One Click
-Download Facebook Videos
-Delete All Messages from Facebook Messenger


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